School going Children and the Facilities given to them by Parents.

Group of school children - school children
@subathra (3519)
January 23, 2008 10:18am CST
There is a saying “ play while play, study will study” some parents spend heavy sums to their kids education with expectation to get good marks but the children concern,without realizing the ambition of the parents,they do not take much pain on their studies. They remain as average students. The main reason for this lack is that the children do not give full concentration towards their studies. They take part on other activities equally like seeing films, watching television and they spend lot of precious time. Sometime they go on torture their parents to get anything they want. say, if they see a new camera in the film, a new dress with fashion, any expensive toys or any items which is owned by their friends and they want to get it by hook or crook from the parents. The parents also as they cant displease their kids they buy for them. Further more some parents give assurance to their children’s that if they get good marks they will give those expensive gifts or anything which they the children like as per their wish. There are incidents to prove this wrong attitude of the parents. A known father bought a two wheeler for his son to get his secondary level education completed with good marks so that he will get a better placement in any reputed college to pursue his degree course. Certainly parents need to fulfill certains wishes of their children within their means but they should see that their children’s don’t use this as weapon always to satisfy their wants to prove that they get good marks only if they get whatever they want from parents. If am asked the children must study on their own and when they grow up and they must find employment and then they can enjoy buying this and that without taxing their poor parents.
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