January 24, 2008 3:02am CST
Once my father was a dinner guest of honour and..made a involuntary indiscretion. At the time of the dessert,the mango he would cut, jumped out of the plate and ended up on the plate of the person in front of him. he was full of shame rsss Has this already happened to you???
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• India
24 Jan 08
yes, I understand coz this happened to me once. We were in college at that time. One day after watching movies, we friends went to a restaurant for some light snacks. The restaurant was quite full at that time. I ordered some stuffed and fried item and when it came, it was quite oily and leathery. Well, I should have torn it with my fingers and had it then, but it was very hot and I wanted to show off. I took the knife and fork that was provided alongwith the dish and very carefully it started cutting the food. I held down one corner with the fork and with the knife I was pulling at the other end so that the fry could be cut into pieces. Well, I just tugged a bit too much and one piece just flew off my plate and landed on the plate of the diner on the opposite table. Well as you can imagine, my mortification was too much. It was only coz of my friends, who stood by me and saved me, that I could come out of the restaurant without much damage to me self-esteem.
• Brazil
24 Jan 08
ahahaha These things happens.. at the time it seems the end of the world... but then we laughed a lot. kiss. lolololol