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@chooochy (356)
January 24, 2008 6:14pm CST
ive just been watching the x men films and it got me thinkin, if i had to be one o them, which one would i be, it seems that to every super power there is a downfall, eg, rogue has such super human powers but cannot touch another human for fear of killing them, who would you be?
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@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
26 Jan 08
As a fan of the X-Men/Marvel mythos, yes a good number of powers have a negative side to them. Some but not all. Wolverine for example has a ridiculous healing factor that helps him recover from wounds fast, grants immunity to disease and slows aging dramatically. I guess the only real downfall from that is having to watch friends die over the long long years. If I had to be an X-man I'd choose from Gambit, Mimic(Exiles), Storm or Wolverine. Mimic is a good option since he can copy up to 5 powers of other mutants (but to balance it out the powers are around half as strong as the originals, there are some benefits though like having Cyclops' optic blast but not needing a visor, or Beasts abilities but not having the fur or shape).
• United States
13 Feb 08
Since you're a Marvel fan, you probably know this but just in case you don't. If Cyclops never got brain damage as a child, he was supposed to be able to control his optic blasts. Like he would have the internal ability to turn it on or off at will. Unfortunately, the mechanism was damaged, and he's basically stuck with in "on" for his whole life which is why he needs the visor.
@Sungolian (377)
• United States
13 Feb 08
If I had choose an X-Men power, I would be Pietro with his super speed. He's basically Marvel's equivalent of The Flash.
@gantwick (849)
• United States
7 Feb 08
I think Wolverine. Except I'm a nice guy.