Is it wrong to start discussions advertising ptc sites?

January 24, 2008 10:43pm CST
I've seen posts where people just post a link to their other paid sites. Is that wrong? I mean why do they do that? I just took the time to read the guidelines of the Do's and Don'ts of mylot. Some also just leave a one word or just a sentence. i think it is important to read the guidelines and should be a good thing for new comers like me. i have to say when reading the don't part not to start a post with a continuation where it said don't post something like "What is your age?" or "Let's see how far we can count. I will start --- one!" hahaha!
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25 Jan 08
I tend to avoid doing that myself I mean I don't see any point in doing that just leaving a one word or just a few words in a discussion - people won't earn from doing that. Most of the newcomers that join start off at a bad start sometimes and don't take the time to read the guidelines. I have to agree with you about the dont's where if someone started a topic like "Let's see how far we can count i will start --- one!" -- that's just total humor to begin with. I too have seen discussions posted with just only web links to other people's paid sites and I'm like that has nothing to do with making discussions or anything helpful - when I see those I do report those to Mylot staff - I mean that's just much better to do and more proper. It's a good thing you were cautious about that so keep up the good work as usual piatlocke. Take care!