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@iDivision (1414)
January 25, 2008 2:36am CST
Multicultural society where we living in, especially in virtual world of internet we see a lot of peoples from different countries. We communicate and make it using soem languages. there is international languages (english, french, spain, german, hindi, chinese and others) and national languages which maybe is used only by those who live in countries where these languages is native. I belong to small nation and on internet i must change my language mostly on english, because allmost noone out of my country know my native language. Latvian is my native language. Russian and English languages i learned at school and university and can using them for writing or talking in average level. Then comes languages which i have tried to learn, but because lack of time didnot finished learing process - german, lithuanian and prussian language (new prussian which is reconstructed from old prussian language).
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