Does Greed Island Final have a continuation?

@egr134 (193)
January 25, 2008 4:02pm CST
I'm talking about the anime called "Hunter x Hunter". I saw this anime including the OVAs, Greed Island and Greed Island Final. Does the story continue in the anime? (I know it does in the manga). I would like to know the name of the new series. Thank you to all those who answer me.
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@canxnac (421)
• Indonesia
31 Jan 08
As far as I know, the Chimera ants arc. only continues in manga and not in anime. But i've hear rumors saying that there'll be HunterXHunter2, where Kurapica will be the member of Genei Ryodan/Spiders, but I dunno whether it's true or ot....
18 May 11
what? kurapica? member of spider? thats so surprising. hmm. if ever she/he will be, i bet she/he lost his/her mind. is kurapica a girl or a boy?
• Philippines
29 Mar 08
well i hope so... but i think there is still continuation to it... the last part is when gon see his father, but i doubt that that is really his father, that guy maybe one of the underlings of his father...
@hendrasz (14)
• Indonesia
7 Feb 08
The manga goes a little bit further before it stopped. The problem is the manga artist Togashi is sick (that's what i heard). There's some gossip he will back to continue his work, but i don't really sure. But personally i hope he could finish his work. HxH is a good manga and also good anime.