The Multi-purpose Fly Stwatte

January 25, 2008 7:42pm CST
A mother came home from shopping for tea,and saw that some tea had already been made by her 15-years-old-daughter,the mother then asked the daughter,"did you used the tea strainer?"Because in English they use chopped leave to make tea,and you have to use a tea strainer to strain out the tea leaves,and then drink only the liquid.And the dauthter said:"Yes,mother!I did filter the tea leaves,but I couldn't find the tea strainer.So I use the fly swatter.The mother said :"OH, my god!Why did you do that?YOU shouldn't have done that!" And the dauther said :"OH,mother don't panic,it's just an old one,I didn't use the new one!
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• Malaysia
2 Feb 08
Very good joke. I like it. Can I copy it and publish it at my blog? So that I may hopefully be able to attract some visitors. My blog is at:
• Pakistan
28 Jan 08
a man who is in a big rush for his office walking along the road for the bus stop notices the people staring at him with an unusual manner. on the bus stop girls laughing at him, even an old lady looks so surprised and is staring at him. when the man reaches for money in his pocket he comes to know that in a hurry he forgot to wear his pants.