Being 28 years old - the beer and hard drinks gets old and boring!!

United States
January 25, 2008 9:49pm CST
In my younger years I thought beer and hard drinks were the thing to do. Remember those times going to the hot clubs, dating the girls, dancing the hip hop scene, downing shots like no tomorrow with your friends, getting drunk stupid and crazy. Those were the times when you were like 21 years old. But now being 28 I got no time to think about that anymore. Even close friends and families of mine we look at it like those are for the youngsters, kids who just turned 21 - so we are wine drinkers - more casual, classic and proper. For those that boast about drinking hard drinks or hitting up the party scene - we are like, "Ok.....that's nice!" or like, "Hmmmm! Been there done that!" or, "Hmmmm....what else is new?" My bro in law has a brother that's 21 - and he's just the same like any other youngster that loves to boast about loving to party crazy, get drunk and so on - since he turned 21 that's all he was doing - then there's his girlfriend who's like the same age - go figure because she's the same way. Now my sister is 30, my bro in law is my age and our other friends are in their late 20's like 29 and others in their early 30's - we don't have time to hear about those who share their kid stories or parties. White Merlot and White Zifandel are my favorites and the rest love White Merlot. Now the only hard drink that we use is Vodka - other than that we don't have time to think about other hard drinks because they get old.
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@daryljane (3439)
• Philippines
26 Jan 08
I used to love going out and party like there is no tomorrow during my younger years.. i used to party especially when i got a good paying job, getting home drunk and all that..but these days, youll see me often in coffee shop sharing intellectual conversation and just have fun with my group. were on the same age, im also 28, my friends are also on their late 20 and early 30's. guess its like that when youre older, when youve outgrow stuff and think that its already boring and you need something different...and you think that its time for another activity that will really satisfy your idea of FUN. Were basically the same.
@livintx49 (245)
• United States
26 Jan 08
Being the mother of 3 sons,youngest being 28 I have to say I'm proud of you.There's nothing wrong with having a drink. They don't drink alot either.It sounds so funny to hear him talk about being one of those kids!!Ya'll act so old!!,but respondsible