So what if its not real!!!!

@SheraD3 (207)
United States
January 25, 2008 11:31pm CST
I dont even know why I'm starting a discussion about this, I guess just because at the moment I'm bored and cant think of much else to talk about. But I was just thinking about this woman I used to know and how she would dye her hair some obviously fake color and then when someone would comment on how they liked her hair, she would swear it was natural. I used to think that was so funny when she would say that but at the same time it irritated me how she would not just admit that she had dyed it. I dye my hair all the time but I do it because its fun to change it up a bit, but I don't care if anyone knows that its not my real color. Do any of you get annoyed when people lie about stupid little things like that?
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• United States
26 Jan 08
I get annoyed when people lie period but especially about stupid things. Like when you see a blond with black eyebrows and they tell you that is their natural color. It irritates me too. If someone is complimenting you it is easier to tell them the maker of the dye you used then to try to convince them it is your natural color. Some people just make no sense to me.
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@GardenGerty (93546)
• Marion, Kansas
26 Jan 08
In a case like that I would probably make some kind of a joke about it.
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