Has anyone read this book or scene the movie

@suzzyL (21)
United States
January 26, 2008 12:57am CST
I felt it was very interesting and I have to say I do belive what the book says when I look back to when I was a bit younger I used to want things and just felt that they would get to me and im telling you the things fell in my lap like money, guys I liked ect. but I dont have that faith anymore like I used to.Im sure this book can be helpful to alot of open mined people.In the book they speak of the universe giving back to you what your thoughts are so if you feel bad you will only recieve bad. Theres alot more to it but I would consider the universe they refer to as God everybody can view it there own way If anybody has read this book and applied what they teach to your life let me know how its working or not for you
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