daughter is close-----heart to heart

January 26, 2008 1:01am CST
I often have a talk with my boyfriend about which kid to choose, boys or girls in the future? As a result, we all choose girls . Because daughters are always smooth, and they know how to communicate with their parents . They never make their parents worry about them outside . Furthermore, as the parents of a daughter, you may not receive more stress . It is most important that daughters can often accompany you and dive into your bosom like a bird . I think it will make you very felicity . This is my opinion, and what about you? How do you think about this problem?
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@MGjhaud (20899)
• Philippines
4 Feb 08
Before I chose girl baby over a boy because I wanted to dress them like an angel but then now I want a baby boy. I want my baby to talk like how big men do. Hehehe..
@cindytao (38)
• China
27 Jan 08
I see you are not come from an Asian country,despite the mordern times, there are still feudal sense exsisting in my country especailly in the countryside. They pay more attention to boys than girls. One of my friends has many sisters, and he is the youngest and the only boy in his family.Of course that situaton has been largely improved with the development of economy and the education promotion.I personally think boys and girls are the same.Whether they are heart to heart is largely depends on in which surrounding they has been brought up and in which way they are been educated.