Sick Child

United States
January 26, 2008 1:39am CST
My daughter has been sick for the last week. Last night her fever was 102.3, when I got her in to see the doctor today he said that she has double ear infection, a sinus infection, and is starting to get dehydrated. He actually wanted to put her in the hospital to push fluids. I decided to wait and see if I could get her to drink more. So, he put her on a bunch of medication and sent us home. She has drank alittle more then yesterday but not a while lot. In your opinion do you think I should have let them put her in the hospital?
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@ky1119 (699)
• United States
26 Jan 08
I absolutely think you should have let them admit her. My daughter dehydrates almost every time she runs a fever. The last time she dehydrated, they couldn't admit her into the hospital because they didn't have any rooms available. I sat up with her all night trying to get her to take 2 tablespoons of liquid every thirty minutes. It worked and she was better the next day, but I think IV fluids would have been more efficient.
• Philippines
26 Jan 08
when it comes to children, we always seek the doctor's advise beyond the usual fever or common colds. there's a pediatrician who is a distant relative and we trust her completely for the welfare of the children in the family. dealing with a sick child is difficult and we don't like second-guessing especially if the child in question is too sick, too unconfortable or too young to express himself/herself. i'm not saying that your decision was right or wrong. i think you acted by what you think is best at the time. and as a parent, you should always do that. however, for some things beyond our knowledge or control... it's best to ask some help or advise. :) hope your daughter gets better soon. :)
• Romania
26 Jan 08's a hard decision...I don't really know what to depends of the doctor you visited(if you know and trust him) but you acted right, first you should give a try alone and then go to the hospital.