Invasion of Foreign culture in Asian countries

@subathra (3519)
January 26, 2008 9:31am CST
Foreign culture easily comes to Asian countries through foreign channels. Our educated and rich youngsters absorb them with ease and these guys love to practice them. Especially their style of dress, dating new friends on internet and after office going to dance parties. Some young guys after office without returning home to see their parents they straight away go to parties just giving a call to parents. Here at home the mother wait at the doors looking for her loved one. At last past midnight arrives to inform he/she had dinner. It shocks the family but could do little as the family depend on his/her earnings. Taking foreign dress, no doubt it suits foreigners well and there is no dispute over their culture. This dress matter first we can see in films if I say horrible dress it is a perfect word. Subsequently, after release of the film boys and girls stitch and wear with some funny hair style .It is to be called fashion. Their life style is quite different to Asian countries. When these people attempt to follow other foreign culture they are not recognized nor welcomed by their own people as this society sees them with a different eye and in some cases they are totally neglected by some section of people. If a marriage takes place he/she liable to protect the marriage at any cost. Divorce in Asian countries is considered disgraceful one. But now it has been said the number of divorces increase day by day without respecting the culture of their country.
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@rb200406 (1825)
• India
17 Feb 08
Actually i don't agree that taking divorce is against our culture.See for years the women in our country have been victimised.A girl or a woman should have riht to leave her husband if he is not compatable or violent.In the name of culture our women folks have been always sufferring silently.I don't think anybody will divorse just for sake of it without any strong reason.As for our culture it is there in our respect to others.If the child does not care about his parents or family it is more to do with the upbringing rather than the foreign cukture.This i am saying because foreighners have always ruled over us but our culture didnot vanished.If the king or Britishers could not do it how come this things will affect.The problem is within us.What is is good & bad we are not able to understand.The earlier generation is unable to pass values & morals to new generation.
@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
29 Jan 08
Dear Subathera i will again say, adopt the change as its coming now at one place u r talking about rights of every one freedom of every one then where is our culture which teac us to obey our elders, help othes, follow relegion look at our media, are they promoting culture take care