Does God know everything?

United States
October 30, 2006 12:42am CST
Any pastor and most christians will tell you that God knows Everything befor it happens. I'm a christian, I believe in God. But I think that if God knew EVERYTHING, what would the point of Him giving us freewill, and giving us a choice to seek Him or Satin? If God knows everything, then He already knows if we are going to choose Him or Satin. If this is so then why would He send Jesus to save us? Why would He be telling us to show others to follow Jesus? Why would he have prophets to profess his word? Why would he try so hard to convince people to believe and choose him? What would be the point of all of everything here on earth? Why the Bible? If God knows everthing before it happens, then why Genesis? Why did he ask who ate from the tree of life? Why did he ask cain where his brother was etc. If God knew EVERYTHING, that means he would know our thoughts before we thought them. If God knew our thought before we thought them, our thoughts would be pointless. If he knew our thoughts before we thought them why did he give us brains to think? I believe that God already knows what the outcome will be after you make a choice. Just like we know if we put our finger in fire we will get burned. But in a deep sence, God knows what we can't possibly know, and that is why he warns us. God already knows the outcome of each individual choices as they go through life. He already knows what's at the end of each road before we take it. He gives us a choice on what road to take. He already knows If we choose Him, we will live have eternal life with Him in heaven. If we choose Satin he knows we will be damned in Hell. So this has always boggled me and no pastor has been able to answer this quetion. Where in the Bible does it say "God knows everything". I know I can't be the only one thinking this so I would like others opinions on it.
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