Alert Pay - is it worth it for PTC?

@coffeebreak (17820)
United States
January 26, 2008 1:04pm CST
I looked into Alert Pay to stay with PTC since they aren't using PayPal anymore. But for a personal free account is $1.00 per transaction and a personal premium account they charge a "receive fee" (2.9% or something) and 25ยข per transaction fee. If we are just dealing in pennies (at least I am) this is so not worth it. Well, I guess if I just let it all sit there for 6-12 months and cash out once or twice a year it might be, but for the time for doing it and even then have to wonder if they close and keep my money and all, it just isn't worth it to me to open an Alert Pay account for this reason. I am just going to close those accounts that don't take PayPal or check. I am currently checking every site I work on nad if not in FAQ's I am asking the site if they still use paypal. And delete the ones that don't. It just isn't worth it. Anyone have any other comments or suggestions
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@trinale (1480)
• United States
28 Jan 08
I have to agree with you Coffebreak. I joined them years ago before PayPal came along and never used them. AlertPay is not worth your time, not only because of their fees, but have you looked the requirements to have your account verified? They require alot of really private information to be uploaded or scanned and mailed to their office in Canada. They also don't service near as many countries as PayPal does and for resolving issues with potential scammers, PayPal wins hands down! Their grievance systems works very well. Finally, AlertPay would be good for online buying and selling if that's all you wanted to do with your money, BUT take a look around and see how many websites accept AlertPay as a form of payment. You won't find many. PayPal as been someone harsh and inconsiderate with alot of online marketers, but as a consumer, I pretty much don't do business with any sites that don't accept paypal. It's kind of a little flag for me when a legitimate company can't have a Paypal account. Cheers, Ed
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