How to start cook?

January 26, 2008 11:05pm CST
I am still a student , and I always stay in the dormitory at campus . So I have no chance to learn how to cook food ? I enjoy tasting all kinds of food ,but I don't know how is it cooked. Who can tell me where and how to start?
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@overdosed (231)
• Philippines
27 Jan 08
Hmm, simple question with different approaches. My suggestion is to get a cookbook. It will give you an idea of the ingredients and how to cook a recipe. If I were to suggest one get "Jamie's Kitchen" by Jamie Oliver. He's British, so most of the recipes are Western. But I suggest it because he really goes all out explaining basic stuff about the ingredients, the food itself, even what cooking utensils or gadgets you need. Another book, would be Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Meals. Her recipes are Mexican-Italian-American. I like her recipes because she gives you alternative ingredients ... excellent for people living in places with limited supply of rare stuff. Very flexible. But what I did before is observe my mom and older relatives cook and pepper them with questions ... good thing they were patient enough to reply. Then they started teaching me basic stuff, like boiling water to frying an egg (without ruining the yolk) then how to cook rice, then simple recipes to difficult ones. The other stuff I had to learn on my own by experimenting out of curiosity, looking and tasting ingredients I haven't encountered, and trying to imagine them in a recipe. So forth. But the best way to start is always make small portions first so that if you make a mistake ... it won't go to waste, be open to ideas, and don't get frustrated when it ends up as a disaster. And personally, I think it's nice to enjoy the whole process. You shouldn't stress yourself. It should be fun!! Happy experimenting and good luck!!
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@madlees (1381)
• India
27 Jan 08
I can tell you the simple basics of cooking, if and only if you are an Indian. I do not know much of western cooking.. What do you want to learn? If you like you can tell me. I'll try to help you as much as I can.