Are the Stock Markets About to Crash?

@emmanola (482)
January 27, 2008 6:36am CST
The past week was a turbulent one in the history of investment in stocks all over the world. Almost every stock exchange worth mentioning in the world suffered large losses. All the indices for measuring the "strength" of stock transactions nose dived. Thanks to the "timely" cutting of the interest rate by 0.75% by the America Federal Reserve Bank the situation might have been worse. The good news is that the stock exchanges, all over the world, are beginning to recover from the big losses suffered last week. The big question is whether this temporal recovery of the markets will last. For me, the situation in the stock market is nothing to cheer about. The continuing weakening of the dollar, high oil price, high production costs, some big losses suffered by investment banks over the past couple of years (partly due to the continuing devaluation of the dollar) and weakening consumer confidence in the economy may further complicate the woes of the stock markets. I have some money in the stock market. It is not much but I do not want to lose my investment. I do believe a sizable number of mylot subscribers have stocks. Do you worry about the safety of your investment? Have you seriously considered offloading your stocks? Do you believe that the stock market is not going to crash? This ar important questions and answers to them from you will help many persons here.
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• India
27 Jan 08
indian markets may come back in a week or two. as far as other markets are considered they might remain just book profit or else stay invested for a longer term.