how can a lonely b happy

January 27, 2008 7:48am CST
isnt it strange to be happy when your alone?it is the argument of the NO MAN IS AN ISLAND THOUGHT? i wonder how a lonely one can make happiness in the perspective of a real happiness...whuhhhh!!!confused? being single in a way it is possible to be is..i am single yet im happy...but for many..they refused these...i wonder why?it depends on a persons happiness...on what level and what makes te level up...i wonder you guys from mylot if u would agree to these that its not as happy as people with partners when your is that?
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@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
27 Jan 08
Being alone doesn't mean loneliness. As one of my teachers told me: "I may be alone but not lonely". Being singles has more advantages than disadvantages. Just know how to capitalize on it.
27 Jan 08
yah.,..thank u danzer..but are we going to capitalize it?isnt it easier said than done?
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• India
27 Jan 08
Well at times u might get bored if ur alone but that cannot be a reason for a person to get depressed ... If ur alone its not like ur unhappy its just that ur bored ... Its good to have someone with u but at times u do want ur own space and wanna freak out on ur own .... I believe that when people say that they are unhappy coz they are alone it just means that they are bored...
27 Jan 08
thank u thank u for your being brightened by your thoughts...and i agree to it very much..that its just that we get bored....