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January 27, 2008 9:13pm CST
Hey, everybody. Ok, so I thought I would look up supernanny on here and see if I could get some advice from fellow mylotters. Anyways I am a single mother of two boys living with my boyfriend of 5 years now. My boys are age 4 and 6 right now. They get along great by themselves. Together they seem to fight and argue more than they ever get along. Plus they have the idea that they don't have to do what mommy or daddy says. It usually takes screaming and threatening before they will do anything. What do yall best recommend for displining two boys? I have thought about putting up a rules list. i'm gonna try to accomplish that tonight or tomorrow morning. I just need to know the best way to disicipline them and stick with it. I need any suggestions you have. Thanks in advance for all the comments.
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@asgtswife04 (2482)
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29 Jan 08
I'm sorry your having to go through that, but i totally feel your pain. I have two boys ages 9 and 8 and a daughter that is almost 2. My boys are constantly fighting from the time they get up until the time they go to bed. It's a competition thing for them. One always has to be the best at everything, and same goes for the other one. I would like to tell you it gets better as they get older, but for some reason with boys it's always a competition. I put up a calendar in their room, one for each of them of course, and if they don't get a sticker every day they don't get an allowance. If they disobey me or they get into fist fights then i bust their butts. I totally believe that spanking is appropriate in certain situations, although alot feel that it is wrong. God says, "Spare the rod, spoil the child." He tells us that sometimes this type of discipline is needed. I don't like doing it, but sometimes you just gotta or they will continue and then they will run all over you thinking they can get a way with anything and everything. Grounding is always an option to though. That is effective at times. For your boys ages, starting off with a day or two is appropriate, but let them know that the next time they will have a longer period of grounding...maybe adding a day to it the next time. keep us posted and I'll be praying for you. I know it's difficult. Right now i'm doing this on my own because my husband has been overseas since last June. It's tough, but you are stronger than you think and you just need to make your authority known now why they are still young. God bless