Can Friends spend life together always as a couple?

January 28, 2008 3:19am CST
Several times people are in love with each other, however they are just not compatible enough and so the relation breaks off. Keeping this in mind what do you feel can two people spend there life together only on the basis of compatiblity and not love as lovers have. Considering it practically, two good friends a guy and a girl are going out with different people. Their relationshps fail and they are both depressed and then they decide to spend life with each other and be happy always. do you think something like this could work out? also add a long distance factor to their friendship..... can this now also work??
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@smartx (320)
• India
29 Jan 08
Yes unless and until there is no bad intention on either side ..and also if anyone sees a life partner in there friend..
@SamH86 (11)
28 Jan 08
From personal experience I don't think that two people can spend their lives together only on the basis of compatibility.I was best friends with someone for two years.We spent alot of time together and had nearly everything in common.We were like two peas in a pod.We were both in seperate relationships but they both eventually ended.All our friends couldn't understand why we wern't together but we always laughed it off and insisted we were just friends and anything else would just complicate things or damage the strong friendship that we had.Anyway,after two years we decided that everyone was right and wondered why we werent together as we were so compatible.At first we wondered why we hadn't got together two years previously and ended up dating for 3 years.However,as we found out it could never last a lifetime because even though we were so compatible and we did get on so well the passion finally fizzled out that we had found for eachother and we were just left with being compatibility once more.We tried to stay together but you can't get what you get out of a relationship with someone you are in love with.Your heart beat doesn't increase when you see them,you don't get the warm feeling inside when you hug/kiss them,or the feeling of safety and that everything will be alright because you're with them and they love you with all their heart.I know it sounds cliche and it doesn't always work out but its in our nature to find someone to love and who loves us,to look for passion and most of all find happiness.Of course you can still have that friend that you are compatible with in your life but I don't beleive you can spend your life together and be happy always as you will always be missing something in your life. However I am aware that different factors can change this view for example age.If two people have been in seperate relationships for 20/30yrs and have had a full and happy life but they lost there partner and all they want out of life is company I can understand two people spending the rest of their lives together. and being happy. I also think that a long distance friendship cannot work if it's on the basis of being 'together' their whole life becuase letters,emails and phone calls cannot match up to being together in the same town/street/house.You cannot have the physicality of something as simple as a hug or a shoulder to cry on.
• India
28 Jan 08
Love is much more than going with each other for a short duration. If a guy and girl decides to be in love , better they get married , give out something for each other and sometime get from the other. It is this process which slowly develops into sincerity. From earning for a single , they start developing a process of earning for the family. Then they admire the beauty of family and start understanding about other people of the society. They then learn to give and take from the society.Their thinking starts to grow from the family to the socity.The human life has meaning only when we learn to live in a good society and make it more interesting to live in by contributing whatever possible. Distance will only weaken the bonding between the two and it is better if they live together for atleast 4 to 5 years and develop a good understanding. Then the love can withstand the distance.