Does God decides when it is time for us to die?

January 28, 2008 7:57am CST
Does God decides when it is time for us to die? Do we die from sickness and accidents? Or do we die because our time is up? Do we die from smoking? Or do we die because God don't like smokers? What do you think? God must have something to do with it... otherwise we would not be praying like crazy once someone die. By the way... why do we pray when someone die? Should we not be upset with God when someone die? I am confuse... please help me...
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@agfarm (930)
• United States
29 Jan 08
Dear Aussies....It is natural to feel pain ( Intense pain ) when someone passes. I was 22 when My Father passed away. He had Cancer. I cried , untill my Body could no longer produce the water to make tears. We pray , because it soothes us. If someone has passed In your life...I am truly sorry....but remember this....their existance on this planet has merely transformed into a new energy. There is no Beginning and no end to life.....Only change. I learned about the 7 laws of the Universe.....( I am Cherokee ) this has helped me with many decisions which were difficult. Confusion is only Natural during great times of grief , but this too shall pass. I know this because I understand the laws of the Universe and specifically ( in the case of praying ) the Law of rhythem.