Which site is good for free magic learning?

@andyvish (901)
January 28, 2008 8:04am CST
I am an amateur magician. I want to learn more magic tricks through internet. Please advice me about the free site which teaches magic tricks. also let me know about the site which sell cheapest magic items. Thank you.
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@Wingedman (238)
• United States
29 Jan 08
Free Magic tricks really are, in most cases, not worth learning. They are free because the secret to the trick has been revealed in one way or another over the years. Whenyou buy a trick, it is not the physical trick you are paying for it is the secret. As a magician you should always guard your secrets and reveal them only to those truly worthy. Perhaps you should look in the phone book and find a local magician to whom you could apprentice or assist. That is the best way to learn.
@andyvish (901)
• India
1 Feb 08
Thank you. Perhaps you are not aware of themagicteacher.com. I am sorry and thank you
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• Singapore
1 Mar 08
there are a few private magic torrent site out there that you can get all your magic resources from. if you are interested just PM me and i'll send you an invite
@andyvish (901)
• India
2 Mar 08
Thank you. Please send me the details.
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@Cley_CJ (105)
• Malaysia
27 Jun 08
Try http://www.magichat.co.uk There're some simple free tricks and also expert ones there which are contributed by other magicians. You have to be a magician to access the higher level ones. They ask questions related to magic to determine how high your level of knowledge in magic is and how many tricks you can access.
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• Canada
2 Apr 11
I know this doesn't quite answer your question, and by the time you read this message (gosh, it's a 4-year old post), who knows where you'll be? Maybe you're already a professional magician:) This is what I tell to every person interested in learning magic. I tell them to go get a copy of Tarbell Course (www.lybrary.com has a CD version), and learn the magic from the VERY BEGINNING. Learning merely a 10% of what's on that course will keep you busy as a professional for the rest of your life... But of course, you should come up with new presentations for each of those tricks. For that, I highly recommend Derren Brown's Absolute Magic book... it may be sold out, then I suggest you watch your favorite magicians on Youtube, keep note of what really moves you about their performances, then try to come up with your own character of performing the magic. And one more thing; please please please... don't fall in the trap of knowing the secrets of the tricks. That's only the half of it. Even if 90% of magicians know a particular technique, they'll still be fooled by it with proper presentation and out-of-box thinking. Don't listen to those who say free tricks are over-exposed, therfore worthless. Watch Derren Brown's "Undertaker Trick"... and tell me if you wouldn't be amazed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U0OsSNYb0E That... is Out of This World... and that's the only hint I'll give. Derren has turned a simple card trick into a miracle that'll haunt a grown man forever.
@macobex (108)
• Philippines
27 Mar 09
You can try visiting this site www.exomagic.com