What to pack for a long tour?

United States
January 28, 2008 4:23pm CST
Whenever it is time to travel I feel very lazy for packing? What do you say about that? How do you start packing for a tour?
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@dangaroo (234)
30 Jan 08
The truth is you only need clothes and that is because either it's cold or illegal to be naked! If you wear a belt, bring that.. as it's annoying to spend the next few weeks/months pulling up your trousers! I always pack about an hour before a trip. My girlfriend does it differently though! If you live in the west and you are going to Africa (in particular) or Asia, take some medicine with you - any kind at all.. you will be able to trade it down there with people for all kinds of things and you won't have to ask anyone, they will ask you! If you are going to a malarial country, take the correct malaria pills. I would advise against taking them in advance, better to take it when you get it. Safer that way.
@dangaroo (234)
30 Jan 08
sorry, i meant to say if you get it not when ;)
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
29 Jan 08
My longest trip was an around the world trip that lasted just over a year. I had to pack clothes for different climates like warm things for the cooler places and cool things for the hotter locations. I travel with a back pack and in the bottom of it I pack my clothes. In the middle of it I pack a plastic cup, plate, knife, fork and spoon. I put my snorkeling mask, beach shoes and sandals. I put in my bag holding shampoo, conditioner, deodrant, tooth paste,tooth brush, comb, small mirror and contact lenses. A the top of my backpack I put a plastic box containing snacks like packets of nuts, dried fruit bars and so on. I have a day pack as well with my camera in and a money belt containing my money, debit card and passport.
• Philippines
30 Jan 08
Nice packing... I will definitely keep this in mind. I've definitely had experiences with not packing the right set of clothes on a trip.
@Madona1 (2097)
• Gibraltar
9 Feb 08
I think the most important for traveling is passports and money, which I will always carry in my backpack during the trip. Then the regular used medicines incase I fall ill. Finally the necessary clothing; shoes and accessories like map; torch; digital camera and pen etc. Sometimes, I will pack some biscuits and sweets to please my taste buds. Anyway, I will make sure pack the abovementioned items so that I can have a pleasant and peaceful journey.
@squaretile (3833)
• Singapore
31 Jan 08
when it is time to travel for me, usually i am very excited and like packing. i used to travel pretty frequently, so i would have all my travel essentials like my soaps in one place. and also the bags that contain my chargers, for the phone and for the camera. then depending on the climate i will decide what i would like to wear. last of all the day before i travel i will pack last minute things like my toothbrush and my comb. hope you start enjoying the process of packing! it's the unpacking that usually gets to me! i much prefer packing to unpacking!
@jjasmine (99)
• Philippines
30 Jan 08
when I go on a long tour, I make sure I dont pack as much because I dont want to be tagging along a huge bag and then get tired of it in the middle of the trip. My partner uses this system while packing - get a whole body caricature/image of a person and do a checklist of things you need according to each body part. Example: with the head: cap/scarf with feet: socks/footwear wrist: watch/etc and so on...
@SukiSmiles (1998)
• United States
29 Jan 08
I always make a list of everything I will need. I list clothes, tolietries and other items I need to take. For example, camera, chargers, id, laptop, etc. I am usually so excited that I'm not lazy about it, but I don't like to pack until the night before so I can make sure that I've done all my laundry.