Have no idea whats going on

United States
January 29, 2008 3:03am CST
My 2 year old has been sick for the last week and she doesn't want me to get out of her sight. She wants me to hold her all of the time. I don't mind holding her but it does get tiring after a while. She also acts like she is mad at her dad. When he tries to talk to her or hold her so I can get somethings done she just isn't having it. She turns her head away from him and tells him "NO." When it's time for bed she wants to sleep with me so I've let her while she's been sick but when her dad tries to get in the bed she has a screaming fit and tells him "Couch." Has this happened to any of you and can you tell me how to fix it?
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@chrysz (1603)
• Philippines
3 Feb 08
Sick children just love to be cuddled and touched so that just normal. If you are to do somthing and she doesn't want to be left behind, just do so and tell her that you'll be back very...just fulfill what you said so that she'll learn to trust you even more. My daughter used to be like that. She used to be with her father longer I was with her but she would still want me to cuddle her whenshe is not feeling well. She might be having separation anxiety so just bear with her coz that will pass as she grows older.
@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
29 Jan 08
your baby just need some assurance of love from you. The problem with babies who doesn't like their dad is because the dad doesn't spend some time with their baby. My daughter is sick and she loves some physical touch of assurance that we are there for her.