people with different hearts

January 29, 2008 5:48am CST
In this world there is many people which have different faces as well as different hearts. Some of them have good heart but some are very bad to other means they dont have good hearts.some are so selfish that they even talk to us for there use only mean,and dont help us when we need for there help.I hate that type of peoples that are so mean and even dont like to talk with that type of peoploe.I had face many of selfish people but rare of good peoples that are good to others also.
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• Italy
30 Jan 08
Differnt hearts... uhmmm never heard about "situs inversus"? It is an individual who has the heart in the right half of his chest, instead of left half. Or, maybe, you could mean something as a misfunctional atrium by "bad heart"... ? No, I think that what you try to define as "bad" or "good" doesn't reside into heart, but into our brain... more: into the habits formed by the complexity of our cerebral cortex.
@aman1986 (39)
• India
29 Jan 08
yup i agree..ppl have diffrent faces as well as hearts..i have been wid a few who have been very selfish and i have been on the recieving end but i think one shud give it back to the person..and that is what i have done and i have found that those ppl dont bother me anymore..
@apsara60 (6612)
• Israel
29 Jan 08
Dear sonia, I can understand your feelings. It is strange that when we are born we all have a nice innocent good heart. As we grow, wonder from where so much poison enters into our hearts. But let me tell you something, the sooner you have experiences with such bad hearted people, the better it is as it helps you to get matured sooner and also educates you how to be careful in future. One day you will learn how to deal with these selfish people and then you will not feel angry and depressed but walk with a smile on your face.......Let time teach you to live.....all the best.
• China
29 Jan 08
i believe that man are born good,it's true that man have different faces.i find that i am another person at home.when facing different people in different environment,one is easy to it seems difficult for one to know himself.everyone wants to make his dream come true,maybe through different means,sometimes would hurt others,but just understand them,they do not mean to do it.i believe their inner heart are kind.