futuristic Thinking???

@pree70 (525)
January 29, 2008 8:10am CST
Today, while typing a letter, i accidentally keyed in 2998 in the year column instead of 2008, due to the proximity of the two numbers '0' and '9' in the keyboard. That actually led me to think about life in 2998... A couple of decades back, if someone had told me that 'video chat' was possible , i wouldn't have believed it. i am not saying that i am techno-savvy now, but those days, i never ever imagined that i would be taking part in such a discussion, in this particular manner. This is 2008. Everything is accessible to the common man.. but what of 2998? How can technology increase further? Or has it reached a stagnating point? I am rather old fashioned, and still cannot digest those wierd cartoons' like DragonballZ, Pokemon and the such that are preferred by children worldwide.To me, a cartoon should be cute and funny. Thinking about the present 'cartoons' that are aired on tv,i am getting a rather unpleasant feeling in the pit of my stomact.. Is this trend a prelude to the actual life that is soon to come? Are the present human race giving away to senseless and mindless robots, with their bodies of steel? Are we paving the way for the future generations, who consider expression of any sort of emotion, as a sign of weakness? Intolerance has always been the trade mark of the primitive man, who believed in nothing less than killing his enemy. The present civilised human beings took a long time to evolve, with their power of reasoning, and the ability to forgive. But looking at the level of intolerance that is steadily spreading it's vicious tentacles all around, there is a nagging fear in my mind.. Is this a cyclic factor? Will we become primitives in mind and soul again? I pray that this is just the stupid ramblings of an over-imaginative mind and nothing more. I pray that the feelings of equality, solidarity, and peace envelops the world and that all it's inhabitants stands united, just as we, in Mylot, belong to one beautiful world!
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@kykidd (6819)
• United States
31 Jan 08
You make some really good points here. I have been kind of hoping that since fashion seems to repeat itself that maybe the morals and standards of the old day will come back around too. LOL
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@pree70 (525)
• India
4 Feb 08
it is a scary prospect, but i can't help thinking that perhaps one day in time, our wonderful planet and all inhabitants in it would have altered for the worse... let us hope that it isn't true!
• Malaysia
7 Mar 08
First of all, cartoon like pokemon is cute ^ Pika! Thanks pree70 Your thoughts on future prospects provoked my thoughts . It is a really good topic to debate about Well, looking at the pace of mankind evolution at current level, will we be able to make it to 2998? or will earth be damaged and destroyed before 2998 come true? We can see nuclear weapons and wars declaring all over the world. Who should play a part to prevent all these man made disaster? Will earth capacity fits the increasing population of human beings in 990 years time? What about minerals on earth? will fossil fuels comsumption be gradually reduced of the supply of minerals will come to an end? Will radiation, steriods on domestic animals, pollutions and other side effects of technologies affect our next generation?? Instead of lookig forward, i think is more practical to think what we can do now to prevent or to say make earth a better place for us men to live :) God bless all mankind
@jpso138 (7866)
• Philippines
3 Feb 08
Pree, in my own opinion we are always evolving and will continue to evolve. If you have notice from the bacteria to the machines there is always new coming up and old going away. Our way of life has change and things that were just in the imagination have been invented from the planes in the sky to the submarines in the water. It is always a changing world. But we have always continued to adapt. My greatest fear is are we going to the right direction or not. As you can see, we are slowly destroying the very place that we are living because of the things we do... I would have wanted to bring and live the life the earth that was so simple then and enjoy the beauty of nature. But with this things that are happening and because of the things that we are doing, our future seems dim and one day our next generation will no longer have a future to look forward to.