A night of fun... lol

United States
January 29, 2008 8:18am CST
A night of fun mean 18 year of not being able to sleep in, and not even being able to sleep though the night. Ya Ya Ya it wroth it right? thats what you keep telling your self as you are making the 20th bottle of the night, and changing the tenth diaper of the night. Just looking at your little one thinking he is so cute, and at the same time thinking I well be glad we I do not have to do this. Thats just the start of all the fun you will have. then next they go to school and up every morning still. only now you are fighting with your child they have to go to school. At lest thats what you are doing when they are not acting like they are sick. And the one time they really are sick you send them anyway. Only to gwet a call from the school saying your child is dieing, and you are a bad parent, and do not send them back untill a doctor say they will not kill us all. With the sickness they have. And then you come to the teen years. This is the part when they necer come home at night, And you stay up to late woundering where they are. This would have not been a problem when they was younger, But see not you are a old person, and you just do not stay up as late is you used to. And then the time you been waiting for they move out. They are 18, and you are a free old person ready to take over the world in your whell chair, or with your cian. So you say you what to go out for a night , and have fun. Please read my next story about all the good things about being a parnet tomarral. lol untill then have a good day all.
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