Do WE've a little GoD in us allowing to "PLAY - GoD"? Are We To "Play - GoD" By

January 29, 2008 9:49am CST
...using the death-penalty? 'Thaking' a life away; thru' Abortion, or using the Lethal - Injection, under the Death - Penalty Code; Is it Consciously OK? While we're changing/modifying our laws & standards, who are we to say that: an ERROR could not have occured, only finding-out AFTER Death - Row? I feel; only 'cause it's CHEAPER to sent an inmate to Death - Row compare to 'Life-withOUT-Parole' ... Do you feel that 'LIFE-withOUT-Parole' is LESS of a punishment, than Death? I feel that; paying back to society for a crime thru' "LIFE-withOUT-Parole" is more painfull & sever than ending a life - instantaneously. Could we reverse an erroneous Death - Penalty by Lethal-Injection?
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