do u hav the best computer??/

January 30, 2008 3:23am CST
which brand hav u used so long in ur lifetime???? why is tat so???
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@chunter (1761)
• Singapore
30 Jan 08
I don't have the best computer....I never go by brands as they are overly expensive and their specifications aren't great.....I choose to build my own PC with quality parts instead and have two non-branded PCs now...
@eoeoeo (125)
• United States
31 Jan 08
Ditto. Making your computer is cheaper and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you finish it. There really is no "best computer" or "best brand". It really all depends on your own opinion. Just make sure not to buy a computer that has terrible specs or is known to fail constantly. Just get a decent computer that will do your daily needs. Unless your focusing on games or doing intense business requiring lots of cpu, youll do fine visiting staples or best buy. If you are doing intense business or gaming... well... most gamers make their own computers anyway.
• United States
30 Jan 08
1st Computer: Pac Bell 2nd Computer: Dell 3rd Computer: Dell 4th Computer: Dell So basically I've been using Dells because their cheap and work well for my uses.
• India
30 Jan 08
i have been using the compaq presario for the last 5 years and still think it is the best computer to have and if i buy a new computer then that will also be of the same brand. As here the customer service is good for it and i also have fate in dell but i fear of buying it as if a problem comes then they dont have a center here in my area so they send a local engineer over here so i dont want to buy it at the moment.
@nempel (139)
• Indonesia
30 Jan 08
hello vanthachu, I'm using a branded computer only when using a 286 pc, it's about 15 years ago maybe, it's brand is samsung, and starting from that computer I'm always buying a brandless computer, I usually asseblied it by my self, so I could bought somethin that I really like, the pheripheralls I mean), and until now my latest system is amd64 3000+ am2, still happy with this system, hope could buy turion laptop for my next system, so I could use it everywhere, since I'm really addicted to internet, what about you?.