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@chrislotz (8203)
January 30, 2008 7:19am CST
When you go on a holiday somewhere do you take things along to give away to the poor? My sister and brother inlaws go to Texas for the winter months. They live in a town just 10 minutes from the Mexican border. Every summer, here in Winnipeg, they go to garage sales to buy knap sacks. they used to fill them with school supplies and they would take them south with them and give them to the poor Mexican kids. This year they did something a little bit different. They still bought the knapsacks but this year they also bought some used blankets and filled them with them instead of school supplies. They will go to Mexico and hand them out to the kids, figuring they may need the blankets more than they need the school supplies. I think this is very generous of them to do each year. It makes them feel good to help these poor kids. Some of them only live in huts with no windows or doors and maybe no heat so that is why they thought to get blankets this year. So you know of anybody that helps out the poor this way? Or do you do anything like this to help?
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@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
1 Mar 08
It is really lovely to hear that your brother ans sister give school supplies and blankets to the poor children in Mexico. I really love to travel and would like to go to the Gambia one day. Most of the people there are desperately poor there. If I went the there I would visit a local school to gave to children supplies to further their education. I have been to Western Australia in the winter and I felt cold there art night and in the evening. So I know that hot countries are not set up for warmth in their houses during in winter. In my home country most houses have heating in the cold months of the year. However people like the ones in Mexico that have a mud hut with a roof made of palm tree leaf thatching and now windows must get cold at night. Poverty around the world gives me something to think about.
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