why we feel bore?

January 30, 2008 8:29am CST
some time we feel bore.why it happensn?and what is remedy of this problem?
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• Pakistan
17 Feb 08
Some time we feel bore. This is a fact. We have feelings of pleasant situation and also unpleasant situation. The unpleasant situations may be considered as boring situations. We feel bore if we become tired. We feel bore if we have no work to do. We feel bore if our body need to sleep. We feel bore if we have nothing to become glad. We feel bore if we need change. We can remove the boring condition. We should leave the work which causes to bore us, we should sleep or we should take rest. We should create something interesting in our work to avoid the boredom condition.
• Malaysia
18 Feb 08
hmm most probably we feel bored because we don’t have anything to do, or tired of doing the same thing and want something new for a change. You could always go out with friends, take up a new hobby or do something different so that you wont feel so bored or something :)