Which place would you like to visit before u die ??

United States
January 30, 2008 8:25pm CST
I would like to visit ..all the Rome and Italy...
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@krysi17 (234)
• United States
31 Jan 08
New Zealand.I went there when I was younger and loved it.I hope to go back there some day soon.
• United States
10 Feb 08
Yea! Me too! It's the best place to explore if you like waterfalls,caves,beaches and the best of all Island food! The people are very bloody high spirted in their culture, if you were a visiter, they would treat as if a family member with kindness and respect.I know! I was there in 1975.
@shoaibbi (21)
• Pakistan
17 Feb 08
hmmmmmmmm i like to visit all the areas of northern pakistan.very beautiful places and paris .
@kate0250 (315)
• Philippines
16 Feb 08
I would like to be in Hawaii and visit Magic Island beach resort. And ofcourse Philippines my hometown.
@maggiedg (97)
• United States
6 Feb 08
The places I would really like to see are the British Isles - all of them. And then Austria. And all the parts of the United States.
@chanrun (103)
• China
2 Feb 08
i would like to visit Italy,milan,i like that place,i wanna to a see soccer match there,especial like inter milan VS AC milan
@secretbear (19466)
• Philippines
31 Jan 08
i would like to visit Prince Edwards Island and Charlotte Town where the story of Anne of Green Gables took place. ^__^ its in Canada and its really impossible for me to go there because i don't have the money. its one of my greatest wish to reach that place. although the first country i would really like to visit is Japan. But Japan is near and i can go there if i save enough money. Canada is just too far and it would take too many years for me to save money just to buy a one-way ticket fare. ^__^;;
@Cocoa33 (921)
• United States
31 Jan 08
i would like to go to arizona to see the grand canyon. i have been told it is an nice place to to visit. the scenery is nice.
• Canada
31 Jan 08
I would really just like to roam around europe there are too many places to choose for. The only other places i could think of going are places like Australia, New Zealand, India, all over africa aswell.