A strange place called MASERLAN..

January 30, 2008 9:38pm CST
Last night, I came to a place I've only once been to in a dream a few months back. All I can recall about the first dream was coming into what seemed like a shipping line ticket station in an old port and asking about the next boat to a place called Maserlan. I dreamt of the same last night only this time, it was more vivid. I was set out on a mission with an ex-boyfriend. I don't know exactly what, but it seemed important and dangerous. And while the others, also in the mission, had to cross the deep seas in submarines and speed boats, we had to survive with our balloon floaters (2pink, 2blue). I remember feeling scared the whole time. Not only that our balloons might deflate before getting to the port but mainly because they're important to complete the mission. Something went wrong and soon we had to give up on our pink floaters. My ex-boyfriend reminded me that whatever happens, we have to push through with the mission, with or without each other.I had a difficult time moving through the strong current so I had to stop in an effort to stay afloat. I looked around and realized my ex-boyfriend was nowhere. I figured he must have went ahead of me. As I approach the port, I found that it was well-guarded. I began to panic and gave up on the blue floater as well as not to attract attention. I'll have to figure out a way to recover the floaters later. At this point, the most important thing is to stay alive for the mission. After a thorough search, I was allowed to enter the port enclosed in high wooden walls. Inside is an old city. Dusty. Crowded. I decided to walk around the city and search for my ex-boyfriend. I prayed that, he too, got through the port gate safely. Soonafter, I found myself in the same shipping line ticket station and asked the ticket seller if the boat for Maserlan as left. The ticket seller looked at me oddly and told me the boat to Maserlan leaves in the afternoon. I checked the board for the boat schedule but nothing says about Maserlan. I felt more confused but somehow relieved that the boat hasn't left. It only means my ex-boyfriend is still in the city. But, where? And then, I woke up. It kept me awake for the rest of the night. Is there really such a place? If so, then where? And why would I dream of it? And why with an ex-boyfriend? Have you ever been to strange places in your dreams like Maserlan? Did you ever got the chance to know if such place exists?
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