@umasri (28)
January 31, 2008 3:10am CST
i am beautiful,does that mean i am sexy_______!??
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@xtine111 (15)
• Canada
9 Feb 08
If you feel sexy then you are. I dont think sexy is a look as much as it is a feeling. If you feel confident and strong then you are deffinatly sexy
4 Feb 08
I don't see beautiful and sexy as the same. To me, atleast, beauty is general good looks and how sexy you are depends who is looking at you. For example, some think high heels are sexy, some thing skimpy underwear is sexy and some think certain colours and styles of clothing are sexy. I'm sure that if a group of people were deciding if someone is sexy or beautiful, they would all agree on the level of 'beauty' but there would be different opinions on how 'sexy' they are because of differing tastes.
@bmoliv (184)
• United States
4 Feb 08
they are not necessarily the same thing, you can be both or one or the other... being beautiful (in my opinion) implies so much more than being sexy
@the_ruler (1446)
• Turkey
31 Jan 08
I don't think being sexy and being beautiful are the same thing but they might be relevant to each other. Somebody can be sexy without being beautiful.
@youngguy (10)
• India
31 Jan 08
iam beautiful means d external appearances it mean too sexy..........
• Philippines
31 Jan 08
could be.. the fact that you are able to affirm to yourself that you are beautiful makes you sexy. being bold is sexy... sexy isn't just all about the figure.
• Denmark
31 Jan 08
It might but it same time, it might not mean that you are sexy. It all depends who is looking at you.