What if?

January 31, 2008 6:19am CST
Hey guys, just wondering. what if anyone of us has the power as the show bruce almighty? What will you do 1st?
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• Philippines
31 Jan 08
ha! if i have the power of bruce almighty i would instantly put bridges to connect the countries all over the world. in that way people won't have to endure flights and cruises anymore. they can go country to country using their own vehicle. that would be really nice. but then security issues will become a problem. so i will designate a team who will identify those who are just coming in that country bringing terrible cause with them. this team will have the power to read other people's minds... crazy! but this would be fun
• Netherlands
3 Feb 08
If I look at the posts above I think that you guys only think about yourself. The first thing I would do would be creating World Peace.
@jamsam (70)
• Uruguay
7 Mar 09
Hi, If i was bruce almight i would first cleaned the surface of earth from bad and difficult people, and then i wouldn't need to do anything else. Cheers
• India
20 Feb 08
great thought. what others think in this matter, no one has responded, shame,,, no one wants thats super power what if u get that bruce almighty power.
@bunmi2501 (467)
• Nigeria
31 Jan 08
Hey, I will make myself very rich and confortable, can wait to have fun with that kind of power. I've also seen the film, it was very nice and funny.