Farting in Public

January 31, 2008 7:22am CST
Have you ever percieve a fart in the public bus, or even felt like farting in a bus and you could not hold yourself but to release that gas and every one felt so uncomfortable. How does it make you feel. Embarrsed or an Hero.
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• Argentina
19 Feb 08
Not really as i can usually hold myself, but actually i wish i could just fart when it happens :D it's just that when i think people may laugh or something i quickly change my mind again.
• United States
31 Jan 08
I have been in some very tight spots. I have had gas and had to release that air. I don't like to do it when in public. However I don't think it's best to hold it inside. I try not to have a load noise. But I find that the silent ones are the deadly ones. when I drink a glass of milk it's bad. I get the bubbles in my gut and can't help it. I have been in many places. The air port line rushing to board my plane. In the super market I'll get off the line. Asking the person in back of me to mind my spot. after I let go of the deadly bomb I feel better inside. as for stinking up the area I feel bad. But I have never yet to hear anyone complain about it. Or I would have had to tell them. Life stinks and so does my azz.