What is the best final fantasy game?

January 31, 2008 7:25am CST
The best final fantasy game for me is Final Fantasy VII. What about you?
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• United States
31 Jan 08
Now that's very hard to say which one because before I used to be a very big fan of Final Fantasy when it first came out. Final Fantasy I from Nintendo by far the classic was one of the best that ever came and then remade with the GBA version along with Final Fantasy II Dawn Of Souls GBA Version. When Final Fantasy IV debut on the Super Nintendo (Famicon) along with Final Fantasy V I would say that IV was more addicting than V - the beauty of just getting characters, building their stats, magic, strength and much more. Then came Final Fantasy VI with moogles, Sabin, Edgar, Terra which of course the nemesis was Kefka - that too was a great addicting Classic. Then during the Playstation years of Final Fantasy the only one that I like out of all the series was Final Fantasy VII and VIII - the rest of the others didn't catch my attention - it just became boring - but I'll give credit with Final Fantasy X and X-2.
• United States
9 Apr 10
My favorite RPG game of them all is FFVII, I mean graphics were unbeliveablly amazing and the story along with it is great and a total of combat gaming with it and it also bring's RPG gaming to life especially with the 3D graphics in the game...Also it has a movie after FFVII the game that is the movie Final Fantasy VII-Advent Children Complete and the past life of the main character Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII-Crisis Core... I would recommend this to anyone and to me FFVII=BEST RPG GAME EVER!!! XD
• United States
25 Jan 10
Final Fantasy VII is my favorite. It was the first one I ever played and completely fell in love with the whole series. But I will admit that Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy X are really good too. I think I love VII so much because it was the first one I ever played and got me addicted to the series. Its also very well done with the graphics and stuff for the time that it came out. Haven't played a better PS1 game yet.
• Australia
22 Jan 10
I would have to throw it up between VII and X. I gotta say though the worst one is IX and one of the themes in that is nearly copied from Stairway to heaven (music themes that is)
• United States
16 Feb 09
i am sorry my friend most of you are wrong final fantasy X was the bet with final fantasy's XII and III coming in a VERY!!!!!! close second Final Fantasy X was a very solid Very understandable story line had some of the best charecters ever the equipment and sphere grid was great.Following to final fantasy XII it is overall good as well but its equipment restrictions and slow moving battle schems are hard to follow. Now We hit III It was a very good game with great contributions to the RPG community. The class changing made it very interesting and the story line with the boats and air ship made it easier to travel
• Australia
8 Oct 08
For me, it is Final Fantasy X, I know it's quite bleak, but it has a good storyline. Well, the main reason I like it the most, is it's the only one out of the series I have. However, it is still a very good game.
@marcialoyd (1174)
• United States
14 Aug 08
My favorite final fantasy game is X. I have completed the game about 5 times, but I still play it all the time. I also like 7 haven't played it very much though. I have X-2 I don't like X-2 as well as X though. They are all cool though
@zeroflashx2 (2491)
• Philippines
13 Jul 08
I really have to choose Final Fantasy 7 and next would be Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy got me started playing RPG games. It was a good mix of the action, the system and the story as well. In it's time, it is the best game for the Playstation. Almost everyone I know with a PS knows and likes the game at least. Final Fantasy X would be next as I got really into the story lines and Final Fantasy X has lots of them. It is also the first one with full 3D graphics on a new generation system. Next in line from these 2 would be Final Fantasy 3/6. Final Fantasy is a very good stable of RPGs and probably the best and most anticipated of all time. I got a PS to play Final Fantasy VII, and I got a PS2 to play Final Fantasy X. Most probably, I'll get a PS3 as well for play Final Fantasy XIII.
@Ramaditya (1227)
• Indonesia
13 Jul 08
The best FF game for me is FF VI (II in USA). First, the graphics was awesome for its era. I won't compare it with VII for PS1 era and FFX for PS2 era, as FFVI was simply great for SNES RPG. Second, the music composed by Nobuo Uematsu. It was the first time I had my mouth opened because of my surpriseness, The music was fantasizing me, bringing me deeper into the game. I even recorded all music from the game into my cassette tapes far before the soundtrack was available. Again, later FF series have better soundings because being done in more complex and modern equipment. The third, is the story line of the game. I never felt very intense playing the game, and I felt like I was among the characters in the game. I may say that only FFVII can rival it...
• United States
9 Jul 08
My favorite final fantasy games were: Final Fantasy X (One of the greatest single player games EVER!!) and Final Fantasy XI (An addicting MMORPG similar to world of warcraft).
@intermy (153)
• China
13 Jun 08
Hi there saku....... It is really hard to say which one is the best. But I agree with you. I mean Final Fantasy VII is the best one in Playstation series. And FF7 is the fisrt game I played in Playstation.
@Jyonu29 (45)
• Philippines
8 Jun 08
For me, I think its FF VII, VIII, IX and Tactics. Because these games pawned me and I always enjoyed playing all of them all over again! The Reason: FF VII - First Final Fantasy that I've played, too many subquests and puzzles to solve beside the main quest to be completed! FF VIII - The Mushy-ness!! ^_^ Rinoa and Squall Rocks!! ^^ FF IX - The Side Quests, especially the Chocobo ones. ^^ Tactics - Many characters to choose from!
• South Africa
15 Apr 08
My favourite was Final Fantasy IX. It was the first one I played and I fell in love with it. I think one of the most important points since the Final Fantasy games are mainly story driven is that the main character was likable. Zidane kept upbeat, he was proactive, he had confidance and he was nice to people. I liked the way you equipped things to learn abilities, it gave a reason to spend you hard earned cash at the shops buying everything. There was a whole lot of fun mini-games and side quests which made the game last so much longer. The list of reasons that it is great goes on and on...
4 Apr 08
In my opinion Final Fantasy as a whole has to be the best rpg series of all time. Final Fantasy VII just set the standard for all to follow!! But to be honest i enjoyed FF-XII more than all the others.
• Indonesia
14 Feb 08
My favourite Final Fantasy game is FF VIII. I love the junction system, and who could forget the ballroom dance scene. It also has great casts with unique names like Squall, Seifer, Quistis, Rinoa, Edea, Zell, Irvine, Selphie and Ultimecia.
@jsmith12 (438)
• Canada
2 Feb 08
I would say four. (Or two depending on how you want to number it.) OVerall: 1 - Good but rather a pain. Also the cheap one hit KO team monsters late in the game. 2 & 3 - Never played that far into, so I won't comment. 4 - Great storyline, not over tecked, like so many other games, great characters. It played like a well balaced fantasy RPG. 5 - What I played I enjoyed a lot, but it just didn't grow on me like four did. The story wasn't as well don. 6 - Little too high teck for me. Enjoyed it but I would have liked it more if they cut out the mecks and focused more on the fantasy element, less on the high teck. 7 - What can I say about this without starting a war? First off, it was WAY overhyped. Too much focused on graphics, the storyline suffered as a result. Characters were very shallow, and what should have been a sad point, if they had been developed well, had me laughing. NOT a good sign. Game felt disjointed as if no one could make up their mind what they wanted to do with it. 8 - Too high teck really. Also unbalanced. With little work the game was just WAYY too easy. But the story was soild. Moreso then 7. 9 - Had good possablitied, but the cartoonyness sorta turned me off. 10 - Loved it, just wished the FMVs were toned down some. Story was rather soild. 12 - Was a love it or hate it game. Personally I enjoyed it a lot, a good storyline, and the charicters were rather soild. Grid system used for leveling took away from the game overall though. I am not going to go into the offshoot games, even though I think I've played most of em. But overall, I would say four was the best, with 10, 12, 8, and 6 comming in close second though fith.