Starbucks - Satrbuck coffee picture from ad about how they are giving buttomless cups of coffe to compete in todays coffee market
@Liasonfan (1702)
January 31, 2008 10:57am CST
Now it's pretty obvious I persona;;y prefer Timmies, but Starbucks is also my second fav. When we travel for instance through the Stares and when we are hard pressed to find a Timmies, I usually look for Starbuck's and most times have success finding one. We also have Starbuck's in Canada, and I have visited them occasionally. The only thing I have a problem with at Starbuck's (if you can even consider it a proble, lol) is that there are just TOO many options. I am a single regular double double type of gal and don't need a whole list of options to make me happy. How do you feel about Starbuck's? Read more about starbucks at
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