The love of my life, and my best friend

January 31, 2008 12:28pm CST
3 years ago i met a girl that i would die for , and for the last three years I've done everything I could think of to show her how much i love her. I dated her briefly but she left me for my friend whom she later broke up with. Now she is my best friend , she is well aware of how i feel and sometimes i would swear she feels the same. Every minute of every of every day i can do nothing but think about her. If anyone has not yet seen how this could be potentially problematic allow me to complicate matters. She had recently started dating my friend again , but insists that she had no intention to hurt me , she seems genuinely sorry and mantains that we should remain as close as we are. but its killing me Anyone have any suggestions ?
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@vehaileairu (2286)
• Philippines
31 Jan 08
love will hit you, so hard that you feel - feel like dying just for it
hello todd, well... this is a love abused situation.. honestly, she will just hurt you.. no harm, and this is from my heart.. if a girl thus sees other man and says she still love you, that is plain lie.. she is just using you for the sake she'll get rejected or hurt by the other guy, she'll come running back to you.. because she reserved you for comfort zone.. she is not serious about your love, dont waste your life trying to love her, trying to blind or cover your eyes from the truth... wake up and realize things around you.. there is still someone out there... so much more, and so much better than her.. a real girl, woman, lady... will never hurt the man she loves, she will do everything to please him, she will only set her eyes to him and no one else.. i sure hope you will be guided and shall see the light. take care^_^
31 Jan 08
Dear god trust me , I see the truth and logic to your words. and my head agrees with you completely. my heart however is another story . I've tried to push her away and i might as well be trying to push away a brick wall with my bare hands
1 Feb 08
Maybe true , but that makes it no more easy to do
• Philippines
5 Feb 08
i think the girl doesnt have the intention to hurt anyone, especially you.. but in one way or another, someone will be affected.. maybe she loves the other guy that's why he cant be there for you.. and i appreciate her friendship with you cause even she's aware of the feelings you have for her, she did not take any advantage of it..
• China
5 Feb 08
In my opinion,there's no right or wrong to this kind of things.All you need to do is to follow your feet.Do anything that you think necessary.Or you may regret what you didn't do in future.
@mlhuff12 (799)
• United States
3 Feb 08
That would be hard be so close to the one that you love with all of your heart. But not be able to be with this person. It would break my heart everytime I'd see this person. In your case almost everyday. I think even though she knows how you feel about her you should tell her. In a way she is hurting you, by just being your friend. I don't think that it is healthy. If she doesn't feel that way for you and you stay just friends you could be in pain for the rest of your life. I suggest you end the friendship for your sake. You deserve a chance of love and to receive it too. Everyone does.