The Power of Prayer

United States
January 31, 2008 3:02pm CST
Have you ever felt so lonely to the point where it brought you to pray for someone? Here is my story: At the time i was 34 years old. I had been out of a terrible relationship with my ex-fiance for 4 years now. I met a couple of guys who unfortunately, were not the one for me. One evening, while watching tv in my bedroom, i broked down and cried simply because i saw a couple on tv kissing. It had dawned on me that it had been so long since i felt the true love or had the companionship from a man. Please don't get me wrong, i am not the type who feels she needs a man by her side because i am more of the indepedant type. Well one evening, once again in my bedroom, i stood up, and began talking to God. God says that if you want something, just ask and be clear as to what you want. This was my prayer: God, you know what type of man i want? I want a man who is going to RESPECT me, i want a man who will not ABUSE me verbally, physically, or emotionally. I want a man who will accept the fact that i have 3 children and to accept my 3 children (have 3 boys: 12,13, & 17). God he doesn't even have to be that tall or even rich. This is the type of man i want because i feel i deserve it. In my Savior's name i ask this, Amen. So goes my story. Well, a couple of months later, this short, cute guy was at my apartment fixing roof and the rest is history. It has been nearly 5 years for me and him and it has been some very difficult times for us but not from ourselves but from others. But the point of this story is that for those who do not believe in the power of prayer, believe me it works. While with my ex-fiance, i would pray and ask God to please remove me from the terrible situation i was in because he was verbally and emotionally abusive and experts have said that usually it turns out to be physically after while. Well that was another prayer of mine that was answered. Pray people, pray because it works!!
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@roanne05 (1292)
• Oman
9 Jun 08
your story almost made me touched my heart, i also believe that anything and everything is possible with God...i am sorry,,,coz' i am not praying that much anymore...i guess, God is asking me to pray and to seek God's wisdom...and not to stop it!
• Philippines
8 Jun 08
Yes indeed! prayer is powerful..