Computer Hardware - What you should know about Hard Drives...

Hard Drive - What you need to know about the computer hard drive.
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January 31, 2008 8:31pm CST
When it comes to mass storage devices, think of it like having a closet or a garage. And what do you do with garages and closets? You store your belongings, boxes, clothes or other things as well. What happens when your closet or garage is overloaded and full? You organize and compress your things so that you have more room when entering. It is the same how it works when you have a Hard Drive in your computers. Just like garages and closets, hard drives vary in storage capacity. In this day and age you will find hard drives 160GB to above up to 4TB (4,000GB). Microsoft Windows is stored in your hard drive. So Windows works with your hard drive, the more you put in your computer - data, documents, mp3s and such it will add up in your storage capacity. Remember that Hard Drives spin at around 7,200RPM per second, when you start your computer, it spins to load Windows. What you store in your hard drive it will store your files in its direct location. Now treating a hard drive like a garage or closet Microsoft Windows has a program called Disk Defragment - which ogranizes, optimizes, and compresses more free space and to pack in files to give more breathing room for storage. It is always good to defragment when needed that's if you are an everyday user on a computer. Now remember hard drives spin most of the time when you're using your computer. If for some reason you're doing your routines on your system and you happen to shut down your system improperly maybe say you unplug your system or a brownout occurs - that can cause issues with your hard drive causing it to crash. Another issue with hard drives it can get overloaded, not spin properly, gets exhausted and then generate errors that will not run properly when using Windows. One of the common things is that when you start your computer it might say Error reading Disk or you start up Windows it loads very very slow. Say you had a external hard drive to load files - and it gets stuck for some reason that results in a bad hard drive. If one were to try to format and hard drive and it fails to do so, that hard drive has failed. There are numerous issues that can cause a hard drive to crash. Now speaking of brands - either way you are best to pick the right ones. Western Digital is a great hard drive, so are Seagate Barrudas, Hitachi IBM for laptops. I recommend these because for one I hardly come across issues of these hard drives to crash. I've tried other brands such as samsung, maxtor - and had those crash multiple times. So then, make sure you don't overload your hard drive. If you have files in your system you want to back up - use a pen drive, memory card or any other storage device. Burn your files on CD or DVD. Store your files in a shelf or case. All this information can help you in the long run.
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• India
1 Feb 08
hard disks can not only load windows, but it can also load linux too.. u can install linux, after u have a windows system installed in r computer. after installing Linux, the boot screen appears always whenever u start the computer.It gives an option to user which O.S.(Operating System) should be loaded.Linux is also said to be more stable than windows. It does not hogs too much of RAM. Thats why if u use Linux on laptop, then the battery efficiency of the laptop is generally increased.Thus u save power. Since the head of the hard disk moves too fast, and also becoz the distance between head and the surface of the hard disk is very very small, U SHOULD NOT SHAKE THE CABINET WHEN UR COMPUTER IS ON.The hard disk gets scratches, due to which many bad sectors are formed.
@pinksoda (113)
• Philippines
1 Feb 08
This topic is well structured and very helpful. I can use this information to friends of mine that plan to study in computers. It is very well known here in Makati. Even I can learn from this and I thank you for this great topic. If you have more please do add some more information regarding computers because still many people here don't know much about. Thanks in advance!
• Philippines
1 Feb 08
oh my god this so much information i don't know where to start hehehe because i no nothing much about computers but from reading this i am happy you know so much about it. i remember when you were here and you built many computers for your own business and when you tried to teach me i was like, "ayyyyy wag na!" remember hehe. if ever you come back hope you can try to teach me this time. mwah!
• United States
1 Feb 08
Dang bro that's a lot of info about computers. Maybe I can learn some things from you. LOL but too lazy though. But yeah there are times my computer gets slow I guess my hard drive is messed up haha well I don't know probably I just need more speed on it or something. Check it out if you can we do need some upgrades. Catch ya laters