Anyone else have/or had problems with Babycenter bulletin boards?

@starr4all (2865)
February 1, 2008 1:45am CST
Now, I used as THE site to go to while pregnant and beyond for my two oldest boys. Now, it was three years before I got pregnant again with my youngest (now nearly 5 months old). It seems so I don't know, intolerant? It got to the point where because I chose to have my son in the hospital and chose to have an epidural meant that I had no fortitude and was uneducated. Excuse me? I did do my research and this is what I chose. It seems that if you choose these decisions YOU are made to feel stupid and a bad mother. That if you chose a "natural" delivary you should get a medal. I disagree but thats (generic) your decision. I don't condemn you for your decision so don't slam me for mine. It got to the point where they were trying to use scare tactics on the boards. It was ridiculous. There were a few of us trying to give our sides of the story so some of these young mothers would have both sides. It was horrible. Up until this pregnancy I wouldn't hesitate at all to recommond for information (on the boards as well). But with this last pregnancy I found myself hesitating before finally recommending it to a relative. It saddened me. Anyone else have problems with this site?
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