face change ove for government nurses.

February 1, 2008 5:43am CST
Private hospitals in India, are becoming more like hotels, resorts, and more commercial. The visitors and patients not only in India but also in other countries also, want warm and hospitable staff at the hospitals. In governments hospitals, the position is however very different. the nurses the most prominent part of image of the hospitals, have a poor look of their profession, poor English, poor manners of dealing with visitors and patients, and most stupids ways of dealing with inquiries. And the health dept in India has recognized it now. The government dept run hospitals, receive most poor patients of free categories, the the upper layer of customers , the rich patients opt for the private hospitals. This means the facilities installed at the hospitals shall not be utilized optimum. The trainee doctors also have a limited study of the diseases. So, The health dept has organized the training for the employees , to stand them with private hospitals, especially for the nurses, their uniforms shall be be changed, more friendly and pleasing for the visitors and patients, which was untill now stark white. They shall also be trained how to speak with visitors and patients, children, and a lot more. The hospitals shall also have a changing rooms for the employees where they shall be supplied with some basic cosmetics , to make them more presentable to the people. I hope this change takes place in the general behavior of the public sector employees all over world. http://www.yash-spotlight.blogspot.com/
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1 Feb 08
I agree with you on this. I have watched documentaries where certain third world countries do have hospitals with bad services, broken languages and don't treat patience the way they should be treated. Of course - this should be fixed throughout the world, with everyday problems that people face due to certain events that occur in their lives - accidents, illnesses, near fatal deaths, injuries and such. To get the proper training they need is useful and to weed out those who do not cooperate. Thanks for this discussion and for your blog.