French Fries may taste good, but it is one of the least nutritional foods.

@zebra2222 (5188)
United States
February 2, 2008 12:34am CST
French fries are delicious but also very fattening and have limited nutritional value. It is particularly harmful if it has trans fats. I limit the amount of French fries that I eat and try to stay away from any fries that have trans fats.
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• Philippines
2 Feb 08
Well I have seen an information from a forwarded email from my dad that said French fries could be cancerous because these potato sticks are deep-fried in oil, even if they say they used olive oil, still it isn't fat-proof. However, it's just so unlucky that I love French fries. If all people would boycott eating this, then we'd be living free of cancer but would soon die of hunger. Lol.