Sometimes you got to be the leader and on top of things...

United States
February 2, 2008 12:50am CST
Sometimes in life you got to be creative, tactful, be responsible, be on top of things, be the leader, be dominant and know what you're doing. Being your own boss type of attitude but with humility. Standing out giving the proper advice, instructions, lecture in any circumstance. Being a leader role in life is important, whether on a job, being married, having kids, if you're a teacher, police officer, in the military - you name it. If there is something I know I make sure I take it into advantage and to help others what I know. It's like when I join here in Mylot - learning how, using it, experimenting with it, acing it and doing fine. And when newcomers come the way I offer my time to help them to get started. And to refer people in Mylot I also give them a hand what to do to get started in Mylot. Like an employee treating their customers, like a boss treating their employees - being confident, bold, building a strong character and charisma. I guess it runs in the horoscope of being a Sagittarius: Independent, honest, optimistic, friendly, driven, freewheeling, free spirit, good-humored, casual, forthright, philosophical, restless, un-inhibited, adventurous, intuitive, rebellious superficial, impulsive, outspoken, candid and many other traits - yeah I have to say all these things are true, but being rebellious in my own leave to say things I don't approve or don't agree on - everyone has a right to their own opinion. I love to give a hand of help, seeing those in need and offering the best advice I can. If there's something I know and that method stays, then it stays that way and nothing to have it changed, but only to be enchanced when ready. But then if a method is being uncompromised and someone in the crowd tries to twist it or make their own things not related to the method - then there's going to be problems. It is best to do than to just say. Better to be the leader of humility, standing with zealness and no fear. That's what makes a leader and on top of things. Thinking back then of stories of people who conquered their battles starting small, but then rising up to the challenges and being victorious they are approached with honor.
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@vanities (11387)
• Davao, Philippines
3 Feb 08
yeah i think you got the point being a leader one must not talk or boast about must act on it an in humility and fear in God most of all its what counts most have same zodiac sign with my husband..but luckily i dont believe on such things but its fun reading someone else qualities as describe on each signs..
@creationhub (3068)
• Malaysia
2 Feb 08
I believe that everyone should aspire to be a leader. Do not get me wrong about being a leader. If we think that all are leaders, who would be followers, then we missed my view of being a leader. To me, a leader is one who initiates things. Shows confidence and always there to lend a helping hand. A leader always have a positive attitude and aptitude. No matter, how wrong things go, a leader will turn every table to make sure that only positiveness control the enviroment. This is a leader in my own view.
@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
2 Feb 08
I'm a Sagittarius myself, but I don't pay much attention to that. I find it natural to help the people around me, but that ended up in creating a small problem... When is enough helping enough? Because after a while, people get used to being helped and lose the ability of getting on alone. I found myself in the position when someone is asking me for help and accepting even if my time didn't allow me. After a while of doing that, I realize all my time is busy helping others and I'm all tired... And I find myself wondering if it's worth it... If in a few years the people I'm helping now will pass me by on the street and won't even say "Hello!".
• Philippines
2 Feb 08
when you had your internet cafe in ragay you were your own boss and i did see the role that you did in being one. you also taught me as well and i thank you for that. working with you that time was fun and even after work we used to watch the movies on your new machines - they all had DVD burners hehe. i've noticed that in you that you don't take no bad things from no one and your attitude showed that you did have confidence since you were here and knowing you were a foreigner. and i saw it in you that you took the time and courage to learn our language and it came natural to you. not all men are like that that's why i like the way you think