Cold and heavy snow cripple China

pic - look at it you'll understand the damage of the snow here in China
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February 2, 2008 1:20am CST
This is China's biggest snow in 50 years. And China hasn't experienced weather this bad in decades and as the the whole country is preparing for the coming Chinese new year. This kind of severe weather has caused traffic chaos in China as tens of millions of people are tring to return home for the traditional Chinese festival. Over hundreds of thousands people have been stranded in Guangzhou and the South may to claim that as many as 600,000 as more people arrive to make their journeys home for the Spring Festival. Travelers have been evacuated to nearby sports stadiums and exhibition centres. Further north in Anhui province, all highways have been closed. The severe weather has not only caused traffic chaos but also done other kinds of damages. Many houses are destroyed, electric wires have been destryoed which directly leads to the result of black out. What's even worse, some people are died or badly hurt due to the bad weather. There's a guy in my town who fell from the ladder and died when he tried to clean the snow on the roof. I enclose a pic here and you can see the damage and how big this snow is. May God bless us.
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15 Feb 08's very terrible!! my hometown also destroyed by the heavy snow. many roads were covered by it and some small house were ruined. it's the geaviest snow within 50 years in China. my elder sister, who studys in Chongqing, can't take trains home those days coz the snow destroy all high-speed road...god blessing, it's over here. thesun shines all day here and much snow has melted. good luck to all !