No Way Out, is Cena gonna be Champ? and who will win the Chamber Match?

Saudi Arabia
February 2, 2008 2:07am CST
No Way Out is expected to be some event. Cena could not wait till (Wrestlemania 24) so he chanllenged Randy Orton at (No Way Out) for the world championship. And there will be an Elimination Chamber match whose winner qualifies to face the world champion whether it is Orton or Cena at the hottest event of the year (Wrestlemania 24). Paricipants are: HHH, HBK, Y2J, JBL, Umaga, Jeff Hardy. What are your predictions? Will Cena become a champion at No Way Out ?? and Who will win the Elimination Chamber match ????
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@ftnation (21)
4 Feb 08
The way things are going,yes i think that john cena will surely win his match at no way out. As for the elimination chamber well it is hard to tell, they are all great wrestlers but my pick would be Triple H. Now, About John Cena defeating the undertaker at Wrestlemania, that is unlikely to happen cause if it does then that will be a load of crap !!!! Thanks for the nice topic.
• Saudi Arabia
4 Feb 08
I guess in Raw's Chamber, it would be either HBK or HHH, and in SD's Chamber it is between the Undertaker and Batista. Cena x Orton, I guess they'll make Cena win. Thanx 4 ur response.
2 Feb 08
I cant see Cena winning this one, which is rare. I would like to see him become Undertaker's next WM victim, and then Taker go on to become a 5 time WWE Champion.... and so on.... I think either HBK, HHH or Jeff Hardy will win the chamber.
• Saudi Arabia
3 Feb 08
Well it would make my day to see the Undertaker defeat Cena at Wrestlemania, damn that would be good but I am afraid if they ever met at Wrestlemania, WWE will have Cena win this match and end the Deadman's streak and believe me, with how WWE is promoting the hiphop man, this is likely to happen. If it happened then I would hate every minute of it. Cena might be talented but he is way overrated. Thank you for your response.