Ever wonder what happened to agloco??

United States
February 2, 2008 7:07am CST
This is really strange, I havnt thought about agloco for about 3 months now, I am starting to wonder what has happened to them. I just checked their site and it doesnt seem to be working by me. I checked their blog and they still have an october post from 2007. Does anybody know what might have happened to them? I am thinking that they gave up on all this and just suddenly quite, I mean I havnt received any emails from them either... Hmmm...
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• Malaysia
2 Feb 08
Now that you mentioned it, I really wonder what happened to them. Last year, when I typed keywords like pay, money and online income in search engines, there will always be a couple of posts about algloco. And no matter which money making forum I read, there will be people promoting it but now, I have not heard anything from them. They claim to start paying their members once their start up expenses have been paid off but I think that they are just scams. Earning money from the internet just by installing a toolbar is too good to be true. Besides that, installing toolbars without knowing it fully and getting it from an untrusted company is very risky. It could be some program created by hackers to stea; personal informations. Installing it might give hackers full access to your computer. I wonder if anyone has actually been paid and if no one was paid, why isn't anyone complaining about it?