Imac or MacBook?

February 2, 2008 8:42am CST
I have an Imac which i love and have had for a couple of years. But just lately ive felt confined to the desk too much. Im not thinking of selling the Imac and getting a Macbook. Will i regret the smaller screen size (as I can only afford the basic macbook) as opposed to my 20inch Imac? Will i regret it overall?
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2 Feb 08
I am not such a big fan of Macintosh, so I wouldnt really know what to say. If I understand correctly macbook is the laptop and the Imac is the desktop apple right? If that is true then I would say that apple desktops look much sexier but I dont know if they are worth getting. Thats the problem with mac, their hardware is awsome but their software is really bad.
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• United States
6 Feb 08
For me, Mac's are just way too expensive. Their nice and all, but its way overpriced. For me, I would choose a MacBook since I already have a desktop.
@knight09 (17)
3 Feb 08
I have a Macbook, and I sometimes wish I had an iMac. It is nice to be able to bring the laptop anywhere but, it doesn't run as well, especially if you like to play games. They also get overheated fairly quickly, even if your just surfing the internet which can become a little annoying.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
3 Feb 08
I am saving for a Macbook Pro. I know you would think I would go for a simple Macbook, but I would rather have something that does everything and do not mind the extra weight as long as it is portable. I will get the one with the largest size though and wide screen, just in case I want to watch a movie between working on my novel and mylotting.
@p1kef1sh (45647)
2 Feb 08
I have both. The Macbook is just as good as the iMac (well a little slower) and can be used in front of the TV, in bed, on the loo! Wherever. Perhaps the best thing to do is visit your local Apple Store and play with one for a while. Also, if you are wifi at home, then you can easily share information between the two computers. Good luck