China in your eyes

February 2, 2008 9:12am CST
Recent years, Chinese economic has developed rapidly, but it's politics and culture is very mysterious for us. Everyone has different opinions about the China, and what is the picture of China in your eyes now and future?
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@Archie_14 (147)
• India
2 Feb 08
According to me china is a very developed nation , with its unique cultre binded with it ! China has reached hights in the case of IT and its millitary is as strong as any nation ! It will surely be one of the leading nations soon !
• China
3 Feb 08
Yeah,friend ,I do agree with you....wish china will be better soon after...;-)
• Canada
3 Feb 08
With china's population their economic power is almost limitless. As for their politicss alot of people are surprised to hear theyre communist. As this becomes more and more put out in the future i feel alot of north american will grow apprhensive to trade with them
• China
3 Feb 08
China is a great country with its great culture and long history.
• United States
2 Feb 08
Im not really sure where china will be in the future, I have never been there before. Ive always wanted to either visit china or japan just out of interest.
@jayman32 (268)
• Australia
2 Feb 08
i see china as a very old & strong culture. and its culture is something i'd like to learn more about, i'm sick of politics the world over.
@aesopm (306)
• Indonesia
2 Feb 08
China is a great country and great people there. You have to trust me. Proof: 1. Runner up Olimpiade 2. Centre of Fengshui 3. Centre of east medicine 4. Succeed to decreasing corruption 5. etc